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Past vocal playshops
2020 -2021

See for prior events

Vocal Playshop Series

Yes!  Finally!

Let's Sing.  Together.   Again!

In-person, outdoors, in the shade under the

main Boulder Public Library, by the creek.

7-8:30 pm | $15 in advance | $20 on the day. 

Mark Your Calendar & Come Sing with Us!

Vocal playshops, singing circles, sound journeys, and Creativity Alive in-person gatherings will be held on the following, and quite possibly additional, dates. All 7-8:30 pm 



  1. $15 in advance up to midnight the day prior | $20 on the day.

  2. Full Covid vaccination strongly encouraged. Participants must complete a waiver and contact tracing form online, or in print at the event >>

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Sign on for updates, rain dates, and new additions to be sent via our newsletter. Please share with others and invite them to sign on for direct invites:

Thanks!  We look forward to

you being part of our creative community.

Circle Singing with Roy


Join us in this Bobby McFerrin / Rhiannon-style improvisational singing and sounding practice.  Circle Singing is spontaneous and evolving — like a drum circle for voices. Simultaneously an act of community, collaboration and creation, we circle together to make unique, original music, never sung before, never to be sung again. 


This practice builds skills in listening, collaboration, creativity, generosity, flexibility, trust, and forgiveness — useful in both music and in life. It’s a safe, simple, playful, community experience that will free your improvisational voice, sharpen your creative brain, and make you feel great all over! 


All voices welcome.   See dates above.

EnChantMent with Tina


Tina Fields will be rejoining our Vocal Playshop series with her EnChantMent Song Circles on July 8 and Aug 12.  (Yay, Tina!)  In these circles, we fill our hearts with joy by singing simple repetitive chants and harmonious rounds from various traditions across the world. Songs can be quickly learned via call-and-response. 

All voices welcome.

Note from Merlyn Holmes, founder of Creativity Alive


Hello, fellow singers and kindred spirits!

Oh, have you yearned for our singing circles throughout this pandemic as much as I have? They have been like the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel for me. We've held off on offering these for 15 months to ensure our community's safety through the pandemic. The June 24th Daily Camera, however, reported Boulder County had no new Covid outbreaks in the prior 3 weeks and 75.3% of Boulder County residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.  It is time.  Still to take the utmost care of our community's safety, we'll meet outdoors in the fresh, glorious air, in a place with good acoustics and shelter from most weather. And we are encouraging only Covid-vaccinated singers to join us at this time to maintain our community's wellbeing.  See our waiver for details >>

Vaccines / Masks / Wellbeing

Yes, we're still tending our community's health and safety and following the health officials' guidelines because, well, we as a global community are not out of this pandemic, sad to say.  Both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) still encourage anyone 12 and older to get vaccinated and advise anyone who is not eligible for the vaccine to continue to wear a mask, especially during activities where we may be sharing breath, like singing and dancing. The most recent CDC guidelines indicate that it is safe for fully vaccinated people to sing and dance together. 

     We STRONGLY RECOMMEND only fully vaccinated people attend our in-person gatherings.  Please take responsibility for your own wellbeing and for the wellbeing of others.

      If you are experiencing symptoms of any contagious illness, or have been exposed to Covid-19 during the 14 days prior to any event, stay home.

      Singing together is not a risk-free activity at any time. Nor is life. Let's work together to minimize the risk of spreading any highly contagious airborne disease, so we can share the things we love that bring such profound health and wellbeing to our community.  

Where exactly? 

Boulder Public Library

1001 Arapahoe Blvd, Boulder.

"Creekside Plaza," outdoors, in the shade under the library, on the south side of the creek. Closest parking is in library's Arapahoe lot.


Donations are v welcome to help Creativity Alive provide great programming.   Be part of our effort to Inspire Creativity and Build Community in safe ways, right through this pandemic.

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