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What Others are Saying about Our New Sound Journey Series

"Last night was nothing short of glorious soul nourishment.

    "Merlyn and James' sound journey is a blessing to receive. A truly transportive experience that imbues you with wonder, awe and a deep reverence for the magic and mystery of sound. At the end I was shown just how deeply my listening had become attuned throughout the journey. When all sound stopped, the spacious still silence that underlies all reality resounded throughout my body, filling my heart with peace and grace. Again, what a blessing to receive."

-- Alli Caw

Merlyn and James have a unique kind of musical magic. With the sounds of exotic instruments they evoke internal landscapes previously undetected. Their flow of creativity provides seamless waves for a journey that floats in and through the body and the imagination.

-- Sharona Hana

"Step into this sound exploration with absolutely no distractions and receive the most cellular healing experience. The music unfolded parts of me that needed more light and the gift of being held in this beautiful community, truly soul enriching." 

-- Rebekah "Beka" Hartman

KGNU Community Radio Board Member- Chair

Nia Technique Coach- First Degree Black Belt

OZO Coffee Company- Art/Social Coordinator

"I enjoyed the sound journey, humans together again!! Creativity afoot!!  I felt the wish to find ways to play music together with others myself." 

-- Claudia Gregoria-Samson

"You provided us with a unique and expansive experience.  I was mesmerized by the vibrations and the effect on my whole being. 

In deep appreciation, 

Juanita Echeverri

Going deep into a meditation at a Sound Journey like this provides plenty of space to reflect on these little behaviors we do, and what they might mean to us, and how we might change them. If you are willing to receive, giving yourself the space to let go and relax is a gift. After leaving the Sound Journey, I felt clear, and even lucid, very aware of my presence. No resistance. Driving home felt like I was floating through a dream that I created. I slept incredibly well. Dreaming is awesome, especially when you are awake.

Thank you,

John Brewster


"When the ngoni started playing, the sound felt like a flow of life. I didn't see it coming, and it totally swept me away. I shifted from moving through a more dense and textured experience with the gongs to suddenly being swept away in flowing lightness. Both sides were great."

--Audrey Davis

"Mmm, I felt so much tension release in my body, it felt like I had received a full body massage. :)  Thank you so much for your beautiful offerings. I feel so nourished and held during our circles (with deep permission to express!) - it’s a real joy." ​ -- Cynthia Hawk


Mer's gong bath "was awesome. I've never heard gongs like that.  They really are sound beings.  They were telling a story and making me feel all kinds of different things.  There were ups and downs, anticipation, deep, powerful.         I felt in my primal power.

     I've been to a lot of gong baths but never experienced what you've delivered. Now this is a problem; every gong bath will be very disappointing.

     I want to hold onto this as long as I can."

-- Chastity


"This was an amazing experience. Mer has a true gift and has such a welcoming spirit, she’s a master of her art. Just sitting in the energy of the gongs is almost indescribable. I was able to totally and completely relax my body and mind and let the sounds and vibrations of the gongs and other instruments wash over me. After the session I felt lighter and more balanced, I was able to sleep better and felt more free. Totally, 100% recommend!"

-- Sarah Hinton


“I didn't know what to expect.  This blew me out of the water.

     I felt like it was a choir of ancestors singing to me.  It was like a bunch of monks circling in a small cave in a deep meditative Om style.  I heard the voice come into that.  It was like this angelic presence.  I was wondering 'Is there music playing over here?  Am I imagining this? Oh wait.'  I thought I was creating music myself in my head to go with it.  It felt like it was me. I was creating it, but after some time I realized ok it's Mer; it's in this room.   I started humming.  It sounded like we were making music.


     "I booked Mer for a private session during a destination girls trip in Boulder. I was just expecting a typical gong sound bath, but it was far more than I could’ve ever imagined. I really understand why she calls her gongs “sound beings” and felt as though I was enveloped by them and taken to another dimension. She provided such a calm, open, and nurturing energy that made us all very comfortable and open to receive and connect. The incorporation of complementary sounds was beautiful, unexpected and truly elevated the experience.

WIlling to Let Go and Recieve John Brewster after Creativity Alive Sound Journey.jpg

Created by John Brewster after attending a Sound Journey with Creativity Alive

Sing with Creativity Alive.jpg

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