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Wed, May 11


Community United Church of Christ (CUCC)

Sound Journey with Creativity Alive

Lie back and listen, relax, unwind, and release into your dreams as we take you on a healing sound journey with Creativity Alive. Free thanks to Community Foundation $25 value Glimpse a past sound journey:    

Registration is closed for this one. Sign on to to receive direct invites.
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Sound Journey with Creativity Alive
Sound Journey with Creativity Alive

Time & Location

May 11, 2022, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MDT

Community United Church of Christ (CUCC), 2650 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305, USA


About the event

Healing Sound Journeys with Creativity Alive

Lie back and listen, relax, unwind and release into your dreams as we take you on a healing sound journey -- part of a series by Creativity Alive founder Merlyn Holmes with rotating guest artists, including James Marienthal, Richard Turco, Ken Bernstein, and Bill McCrossen, among others. For this one, Merlyn will be joined by Richard Turco.  Instruments include Chinese wind gongs, flutes, ngonis. upright bass, cello, saxophone, bells, percussion, and voice.  

   Take a peek at a past sound journey .    

   This South Boulder series is free to our community thanks to Community Foundation: Boulder County!   ($25 value) Tips appreciated.

Linger to connect with others after the event.

Limited to the first 30 to register. A waitlist will be available in case we can open it to more.  

bring? Yoga mats or blankets to lie comfortably on the floor, or anything else to make yourself comfortable for the journey.  Chairs will also be available if you prefer to sit.

Sign on to to stay in the loop regarding details, last-minute changes, and future invites.

About Merlyn Holmes: 

Merlyn Holmes is the founder and vision-keeper of Creativity Alive. She is a dancer, writer, photographer, musician, and lover and cultivator of all art forms -- as well of the artists-in-all-of-us. Her mission through Creativity Alive is "To inspire creativity & To build community." 

     Four Chinese Wind Gongs have served as the "bronze lining" of the pandemic for her, for they began arriving by chance in her living room early in the pandemic in 2020 and became her go-to source of wonder and curiosity in the midst of it all, along with an ngoni hand-crafted for her by Boulder artist and friend Jahanara Mangus during the first year of the pandemic.  Merlyn began sharing sound journeys with the public in 2021 and has prioritized this as a primary goal for Creativity Alive in 2022 to help bring healing to our community in the aftermath of the pandemic, the mass shooting at King Soopers, the Marshall Fire, and all the challenges and delights of life.

What others say about Merlyn's sound journeys:

"This was an amazing experience. Mer has a true gift and has such a welcoming spirit, she’s a master of her art. Just sitting in the energy of the gongs is almost indescribable. I was able to totally and completely relax my body and mind and let the sounds and vibrations of the gongs and other instruments wash over me. After the session I felt lighter and more balanced, I was able to sleep better and felt more free. Totally, 100% recommend!"

-- Sarah Hinton

“That was awesome. I've never heard gongs like that. They really are sound beings. They were telling a story and making me feel all kinds of different things. There were ups and downs, anticipation, deep, powerful. I felt in my primal power.

     I've been to a lot of gong baths but never experienced what you've delivered. Now this is a problem; every gong bath will be very disappointing.

     I want to hold onto this as long as I can."

-- Chastity

“I didn't know what to expect.  This blew me out of the water.

     I felt like it was a choir of ancestors singing to me.  It was like a bunch of monks circling in a small cave in a deep meditative Om style.  I heard the voice come into that.  It was like this angelic presence.  I was wondering 'Is there music playing over here?  Am I imagining this? Oh wait.'  I thought I was creating music myself in my head to go with it.  It felt like it was me. I was creating it, but after some time I realized ok it's Mer; it's in this room.   I started humming.  It sounded like we were making music.

     I booked Mer for a private session during a destination girls trip in Boulder. I was just expecting a typical gong sound bath, but it was far more than I could’ve ever imagined. I really understand why she calls her gongs “sound beings” and felt as though I was enveloped by them and taken to another dimension. She provided such a calm, open, and nurturing energy that made us all very comfortable and open to receive and connect. The incorporation of complementary sounds was beautiful, unexpected and truly elevated the experience.

     Do not hesitate to join her for a session! I wish I lived there so I could attend regular offerings.”

-- Kalyn Essex

"I was amazed by the deep, hypnotic sounds resonating off the gongs; that had a primordial quality and felt like successive waves welling up from the deep bowels of earth, washing over us. The gongs also sounded at times like echoes descending from heaven.  It’s as if heaven and earth had merged to wrap the participants in a big warm embrace.  The gong bath felt mystical, and grounding.

     I also love the little bells occasionally chiming softly in the background; beckoning us with their sweet ethereal sounds.     The rippling creek added a lovely, soothing layer to the marvelous gong symphony."

-- Julie Chai

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