Responding to these times. Introducing the first in a series:

Beyond Words:  Bridging the Divide

with Creativity Alive

Presented by Merlyn Holmes & Michael DeLalla

November 21, 2020

Friends and Kindred Spirits:  These times have greatly impressed upon me, as upon many of us, the need to turn my attention toward helping to bridge the vast divide among our fellow Americans, across the United States. 

To this point, we will present the first in a new series in development at the Applied Improvisation Network's international symposium:  "Imagining a Better Normal: Applied Improvisation in the Humanitarian Context".

November 20 -21, 2020

Please join us!

Merlyn, founder & vision-keeper, Creativity Alive

Beyond Words: Bridging the Divide with Creativity Alive

Clearly, our words have failed us. Or we have failed our words. The social and political divides within the United States, our home country, are vast, with words being cast like weapons or subterfuge against enemies.


Life-damaging divisions are, of course, by no means unique to the United States. You may well be experiencing or witnessing divisions in your personal, local, regional, national, or global life – in your workplace, in your home, in your neighborhood.  In “Beyond Words:  Bridging the Divide with Creativity Alive” we will learn how to bridge these divides by moving beyond a reliance on stripped-down words as they are so commonly being used today, where they are too often isolated from their natural concert of multiple forms of embodied expression. Together, we will work improvisationally with movement, gesture, rhythm, and song, as well as words, to reclaim a fuller, more life-enhancing form of creative expression that can better communicate what most needs to be shared from our hearts and minds.  Join us in bridging the divides with creativity alive.

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Donations are v welcome to help keep Creativity Alive afloat through this pandemic.  Be part of our effort to Inspire Creativity and Build Community in safe ways, right through this pandemic.

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Cultivating your creativity

Founder of Creativity Alive, Merlyn Holmes is available for one-on-one or very small group Creative Living Embodied Arts Training (CLEAT)  sessions with individuals who wish to find their way back into, or more deeply into, their creative flow as a way of navigating these times we are in.

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Photos of Merlyn Holmes by David Silver at Contemplative Movement practice and our 2019 Mmmwhah! to Flagstaff event.

Music, Dance & Art in the Park

with Creativity Alive 

Listen, dance, relax, watch the clouds, see friends (?!?), make art, photography/video always welcome, breathe into generous, safe, physical distances to keep each other and our beloved community exquisitely safe.   Let's nourish ourselves deeply while the weather is good. 

Next UP in September

  • Sept. 19 (rain date Sept 20) | Come dance to Brazilian Vibrations with Francisco Marques on guitar and vocals and  Raoul Rossiter on percussion, both from Ginga, | 4:30-6 pm

  • Sept. 26 (rain date Sept 27) | Global Flutes, Lutes & MotionDavid Kansuke Wheeler (shakuhachi), Michael DeLalla (guitars, voice), and Merlyn Holmes (dance, ngoni) will perform pieces from Africa, Asia, Europe, the US and more. |  5-6:30 pm | There will be optional participatory elements. If you like, listen to one of our favs Kothbiro, and prepare to sing along (bring masks).  Also bring drums/percussion to use with another piece if you like, in addition to everything below.

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  • Tuesday, Sept 29 (rain date Oct 1) - James Marienthal CD-release concert for "Speak to the Sky." James Marienthal on Native American flutes. Tom Wasinger on guitars and percussion, Arwen Ek on vocals, and a special dance performance by Merlyn Holmes.  Donations of $15 or more includes a CD. | 5:30-6:30 pm

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October (more to come, and we'll confirm afternoon times once we can see the weather forecast)​​​

  • Oct. 3 (rain date Oct 4) | Jesse Manno, multi-instrumentalist and dance accompanist extraordinaire, is Music Director of the University of Colorado, Boulder Dance Program and co-founder/director of the Rocky Mountain region's busiest Balkan/Middle Eastern ensemble Sherefe. He has been improvising, composing and performing music professionally since 1982 and has fulfilled over 200 commissions for original scores.  Come and out and dance!   We'll have various tools and techniques to help with keeping the necessary >6-feet physical distances during this pandemic. Bring your masks as well though. | 4-5:30 pm

  • New! Thursday, Oct 8 (rain date Oct 9) Ken Bernstein CD-release concert for "Passage," Ken's first kirtan album.  Ken's original concert, slated for March 13, was one of the first COVID-19 cancellations.  We can't let him go into the winter without honoring him and celebrating this accomplishment. Ken will play songs from his new CD and other new material he has written both in English and Sanskrit that reflect his journey through some challenging times. Special dance performance by Merlyn Holmes and Hyla Viorst.   Donations of $15 or more will get a CD. | 5:30-6:30 pm

  • Oct. 10 (rain date Oct 11) | Music & Movement Meditation - Noah Rouse Wilson IV and Scott Bears on delruba, ngoni, guitar, oud, and vocals and Merlyn in the dance, 4-5:30 pm 

  • Oct. 17 | Season Finale!  "Bows, Strings, Picks & Hits" with Brian Mullins & James Hoskins on erhu, cello, cajon, gadulka, drums, bird calls, and a fine miscellany of other, wondrous instruments, Merlyn in the dance & maybe ngoni, and Lisa Michot on paint brush | 4-5:30 pm 

  • Halloween?  Oct 31 What do you think?  Shall we have a masked ball? A music and dance parade?  Weather watch is on...  Ideas & volunteers welcome.  Contact Merlyn >>

Info for all events:


Holiday Park: 14th St. x Yaupon Ave. in Boulder, CO 

Suggested donations: $15-$30 

Your generosity is soo appreciated.  As you can well imagine, we've taken quite a hit this year and had to cancel all our classes, workshops, performances, events and festivals through the end of the year.  While these few gatherings in the parks while the weather is good are designed to provide nourishment to all of us to help us sustain through the "pandemic winter," they also need to provide some kind of living for us / help put food on the table.  To keep Creativity Alive afloat and able to continue offering things like these, we have our Mmmwhahsome musicians to pay, and the founder, dancer and creative spirit behind all these offerings, Merlyn Holmes to support.  Consider what value these are to you during these times, what a treat they are, and please give accordingly - at each event OR at any time:

But don't let money stop you! Join us and donate what you can.


Volunteer! Creativity Alive thrives on the strengths of its community. Please volunteer and join us to keep creativity alive. Contact Merlyn >>

Please pee prior:  No bathrooms available

Bring: Picnic blankets/chairs/yoga mats, water, umbrellas, long scarves, art supplies - and your creative self! Feel free to bring a picnic or pick up food from Proto's Pizza or Bacco Trattoria, local favs just down the street.


To keep every member of our beloved community safe

  • Prior to each event, please do a full wellness check and confirm you can adhere to our Safety Agreement.

  • We'll provide a thermometer and hand sanitizer on site for your use.

  • Masks required for any distances under 6 feet with those outside your intimate circle.  Luxuriate in spaciousness.

Dance to Brazilian Vibrations - Sept. 19

Global Flutes, Lutes & Motion

David Kansuke Wheeler, Merlyn Holmes, Michael DeLalla - Sept 26

James Marienthal CD Release - Sept 29

Jesse Manno - Dance accompaniest - Oct 3

Ken Bernstein CD Release - Oct 8

Noah Rouse Wilson IV & Scott Bears

- Music & Movement Meditation - Oct 10

Brian Mullins & James Hoskins - Oct 17

This series concluded Oct 17, but oh what medicine it was.  Stay tuned for what's next.  We'll find the ways to continue connecting and sharing the things we love, in ways that are safe for our beloved community.


Hey, friends and kindred spirits!   We are getting together to do the things we love to do: making music and movement and art outdoors, safely, on beautiful summer evenings and fall afternoons in Boulder.  Would you like to join us and feed your soul?!?  Let's co-create the ways we can gather safely and beautifully through this pandemic. See the following new offerings...

   -- Merlyn Holmes, James Hoskins, Noah Rouse Wilson IV, Brian Mullins, Mark Miller, David Kansuke Wheeler, Bill McCrossen, Scott Bears, Michael DeLalla, Franciso Marques, Raoul Rossiter and other members and friends of Creativity Alive's "Mmmwhah! Ensemble"

Music, Dance, Art in the Park 

with Creativity Alive

© 2020 by Creativity Alive


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